To get to El Hierro once  you’ve arrived to Tenerife, you have 2 options: 

  • Binter Canarias Flight to Valverde (El Hierro Airport) that takes off from Los Rodeos Airport. You can contact the airline company through: ; call-center 902 391 392. Taking this option, it’s a better option to fly from Mainland Spain to Los Rodeos Airport – North Tenerife. 
  • Naviera Armas Ferry that starts from Los Cristianos Harbour in the South of Tenerife. We suggest you to get in contact directly with the ferrys company as they change their timetables quite frequently. You can contact them through: ; call-center: 902 456 500.

Once in El Hierro, to get to La Restinga you have a few other options:

  • Taxi from the airport/harbour. It costs approximately 48€ (we could arrange it for you with no extra costs).
  • Rental car. You can check the rental car list that we provide on our website (we could arrange it for you with no extra costs).
  • Bus service. There are some buses that take you from the airport to Valverde and from there you’ve got to get another one to La Restinga. The price is approximately 3€, but make sure that the buses schedule fits with your arrival time as they don’t run quite often. You can check the schedules at

We like to recommend you to check all different options with us and try to arrange the best suitable option for you.